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Building Your Visions

Developed and maintained approxiately 80% of Kuwait’s street lighting and light poles on a vast range of roads and highways.

The transfer of electrical cables through the ground.

Electrical setup through various buildings various buildings and major hotels throughout Kuwait.

Development of power stations in various capabilities. Including LT cable and joints.

Built sales organization from ground zero, conceptualizing and realizing the strategic plan that generates KD 2.5 million ($8.5) in recent contractual and consulting revenue.

Telecommunication & Networking

For various ministries, oil companies such as Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), numberous hotels and large complexes in Kuwait.

Supply and Installation

Main swith board (M.S.B’s) and distribution boards (D.B’s) and external electrical works.

Supply and Installation of light fittings, power sockets, dimmer panels, and switches,

Supplying, laying and connection of power cables.

Supply and installation of sound and public address systems (including Loud Speakers, Micro Phones, and Amplifiers.)

Supply and installation of telephone systems including telephone distribution boxes, telephone cables, wires and telephone outlet sockets.

Supply and Installation of Fire Alarm Panels, Bank Class Points, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, and Alarm Systems.

Supply and installation of Computer Networks including, LAN Cabinet, Patch Panels, Computer Circuits and Outlet Sockets.

Supply and installation of Emergency Diseal Generators including underground Fuel Tanks and daily fuel tanks.

Supply and installation of Emergency Light Fittings and Exit Lighting Fittings with all mechanical works related to it.